Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Accesorios Otoño 2015

 When it comes to accessories first thing that comes to my mind is ROSY — Yes Rosy Vargas, my sister—She’s always on point, always buying the latest and most amazing necklaces, rings & whatever she can hang on her body. If it’s shinny and big IT MUST BE FOR HER.

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HONG KONG Photo Diary


One of my TOP fav. COSMOPOLITAN cities in the world is Hong Kong.

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The perfect dress for a summer day


Here’s my first video of m Summer Look part 1.


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¿Por qué siempre el color negro ?

El negro es y sera el color por elección de muchos y muchas como primera opción para diferentes ocasiones; una junta importante, congresos, el color del diario para ir a la oficina o simplemente el color de elección para ir de fiesta con los amigos/as.

¿Cómo hacer ver tus piernas largas?


Honestamente creo que el regreso de la moda de los años 70s ha sido lo mejor que le ha pasado....


One of the wardrobe essential with out a doubt, it’s the little black dress.—Yes, like the one Audrey Hepburn wore at Breakfast at tiffany’s— Black will always be your best wardrobe friend, that’s why you have to choose it well. 

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MY DIOR boots


A new season, means a new crush for me & I can easily say the same for you too. This season I have this thing with Dior, his over the knee boots drives me CRAAAAAZY. 


Gloves, our main crush for fall

One of my favorite seasons is and will always will be FALL. I simply think that this season is the best —referring to fashion— & of course the meaning of the holidays that comes with it. 

Time To Rock That Body

 No matter if it’s winter or barely spring, women are always hunting for the perfect swimwear